10 I’m feeling overwhelmed. Where do I start?
17th November 2012
12 Are you pre-eminent?
19th November 2012
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11. How do I get the clients I want and do the work I enjoy?

Today I want to talk about conversations. One of the key things I discovered while I was building my business was that the quality of the conversations you have will dictate the quality of your business results.

To put it another way “clients = conversations”

Think about it like this. Most of the coaches, consultants and trainers I speak to who are still struggling face one of four problems.

1. I can’t get enough clients

2. I have enough clients, but I can’t charge enough

3. I have enough clients, my fees are good, but they’re not the “right” clients

4. I have good clients, paying good money, but I feel like my business is out of control, like it’s taking over my life and there aren’t enough hours in the day any more

In this video I take each of those in turn…


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