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20th November 2012
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22nd November 2012
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14 Video killed the radio star, but who killed the information economy?


I want to talk to you about one of the changes that has done more than anything else to devalue generic “life” and “business” coaching.

I’ve often heard it said that as coaches we live in the Information Economy, and we need to become information marketers, selling Information Products. Here’s the thing though. People think the internet created the information economy.

It didn’t.

People were selling information in books and newspapers and audio programmes and video programmes long before the Internet came on the scene. In fact, like most economies, the Information Economy relied on scarcity to keep prices high. Put simply, access to information was controlled by a few big publishing and media companies, and if you wanted that information you had to pay them for it. Then along comes the Internet, and suddenly everyone has access to information on demand, and the ability to publish their own information at will, all at zero/minimal cost.

The value of information became zero overnight.

In other words…


So what is the new economy REALLY based on?

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