15 Who is your marketing for?
22nd November 2012
17 What’s the 6-Figure Blueprint REALLY about?
24th November 2012
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16 How big is your business card?

I just uploaded a new video I think you’ll enjoy


Success as a coach, consultant, trainer, or indeed in any profession where you are selling your knowledge, experience and advice, comes from your ability to position yourself at the top of your field. One of the key ways to do this is by writing.

Even though society as a whole seems to be leaving the book behind, when it comes to choosing our “experts” we still hold authors in awe.

So one of the key things I encourage all my clients to do is to write a book; a physical book, not an ebook. It doesn’t have to be War and Peace. I see a role for two kinds of books in building your business. I call them your “Expert Manifestos” (or should that be Manifestoes? anyway, I digress!)…

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