19 Who are you really?
25th November 2012
Zen And The Art of Double Entry Bookkeeping
20th May 2013
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18 Have you been telling tales?

I just uploaded a new video I think you’ll enjoy


As I write this, I’m just about over jetlag from a big trip to LA. While I was there I was reflecting on the importance of storytelling in what we do as Natural Experts.

As I tell the delegates in my Six-Figure Blueprint Intensive, your “Legend”–the tale of how you got to be in the business you are in–and why you started, is one of the key elements of a powerful Expert Presence.

And there are six other tales that you need to be ready to tell, whether you’re on stage, on video or writing. So I thought I’d start a little story arc in these emails, with 7 emails all about the power of story.

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