17 What’s the 6-Figure Blueprint REALLY about?
24th November 2012
18 Have you been telling tales?
14th January 2013
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19 Who are you really?

I just uploaded a new video I think you’ll enjoy


In another of these videos I talk about stories that tell your reader or your listener about how you got to be where you are and do what you do.

They are your “how I got here” stories, your legend. But I also said that they’re not the only story you need to have in your little arsenal of teaching tools. The second type of story I want to tell you about is what I call a “who I am” story, or a VIA story.

I call them VIA stories because they are how you get to be where you are; the route you took. And because they are about V.I.A. — Values In Action. Stories can serve all sorts of purposes in the context of training or consulting or speaking.

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