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14th November 2012
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16th November 2012
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8 How often should I post to my blog or social media?


So, you’ve created a blog, and you’ve got your accounts on Facebook and Twitter and Linked in and Youtube and all the other social media sites.

Now what?

In particular, how often should you be posting? Well, we’re back to an idea I discuss in Video Number 5: “should I be on twitter or facebook or whatever?”

You need to be strategic. That means you need to plan your posts ahead of time. You can add extra posts as things happen in your life, but have a schedule of posts and updates mapped out to keep you on track.

How often you schedule those posts depends on your tribe. You’ll get a feel for what is enough and what is too much or too little. But one tip I’d give you is that when it starts to feel a little too much, keep going a little further.

Most experts I know underestimate their audience’s tolerance and thirst for your ideas. So give them more. The other key point is this. There’s a temptation to post a bunch of content and then sit back and wait for the avalanche. It won’t come. People like regularity. If you post daily, post daily. If you post weekly, post weekly. People will come to expect your updates and wait for them with anticipation. That anticipation never comes if you drown them briefly and then leave them dry for weeks at a time.

As a side benefit, Google loves regular new content. So does Youtube. I’m no fan of putting money and effort into search optimisation, but when it happens naturally, just as a side effect of what you’re doing? I love that! So in summary? Post regularly and post frequently—just a little more often than feels comfortable. And follow a plan for your posts to keep you on track. That’s the way of the Natural Expert.

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