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10th June 2013
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An innovative way to get people to opt back in to your tribe

So, you’ve put all that effort into getting people to opt in to your list (and quite a bit of cash too, perhaps), but one day you catch them when they’ve had a barrage of emails from people, and yours is the final straw. They click “unsubscribe” and they’re gone forever. The law says you can’t email them so now you’re stuck, tight?

Well not quite.

That was the situation Zurich Insurance was facing when 25% of it’s list ticked “no thanks”. Ouch!

So what did they do about it?

A brilliant piece of marketing that demonstrates so well how Direct Mail and email marketing can support each other.


The really interesting thing is that the ‘returners’ were even more responsive as buyers than people who had stayed loyal, as the case study points out.

So what was going on?

Simple. The returners were freshly opted-in. They were motivated enough to come back on board, so they were a good, highly qualified prospect. In contrast, the people who were still on the list from before may not have read anything for months. They were gripped by inertia. Even if they read the new marketing offer they were used to doing nothing.

It’s back to the principle I keep teaching which is that you need to make engagement active. You need to keep people taking action.

I’m posting this over at The Six-Figure Blueprint page on Facebook ( I’d love to see your reactions in comments there.


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