Just Sign Here: How to Sell Your Knowledge, Experience and Advice to People Who Don't Know They Need It

January 2016

Selling professional services is not like selling products. Products can be seen. They can be felt. They are tangible. You can give them to a potential buyer and let them get used to owning them. Heck, they can be owned!

Professional services just aren’t like that. You can’t give someone a bag of advice. You can’t let someone take your expertise for a spin round the block. And there are rarely economies of scale if someone wants to do ten consulting projects instead of one.

Whether you are a consultant, a coach, an accountant, a lawyer or any other service professional, you know how hard it can be to sell the intangible and the invisible.

Five-time international best-selling author Rob Cuesta draws on 26 years’ experience as a trusted professional adviser working with some of the world’s largest organisations and some of the smallest, to unlock the secrets of closing complex advisory deals without coming across as salesy, slimy or slippery.

Get tried and tested tools you can put into action today, and watch your revenue grow.

Reader Reviews

It’s not easy to describe the richness of this book, but it’s never dry or technical. You’ll find many gems here. How to handle objections, mental shortcuts, neuroscience driven sales process and neuro programming stuff, the role of neurotransmitters, how to turn a need into a need-want, nine stages of the sale cycle (I loved this one), importance of referrals and conversations, critical questions -you name it, and it’s there, ready to be implemented.
Extremely well written. Rob's advice is timely and helpful - especially for professionals who have to "sell" but don't want to appear "salesy". If you want to increase your expertise and level of comfort when promoting your services (and closing more deals), you need to read this book.
AThis is a rare guide into how people buy with analysis of emotions, psychology and brain chemical reaction. It is rare to read a book that i a 25 year sales pro can apply.
I'm passionate about my ideas, but selling them is another thing. As I was reading this book I found myself recommending it to LYL my consultant and coaching friends. If you're a company of one... You absolutely must read this book.
A very good book that brought together psychology and marketing in very informative ways. I've already changed the way I engage with my clients based on the book, and am experiencing more success because of it. Definitely worth reading.
This book catered to much of my needs and beliefs in terms of information I want to explore more of in the customer interaction. I look forward to exploring more of Rob's insights on selling.

Authority! How Experts Just Like You Are Using Authority Books To grow Their Influence, Generate Leads And Steal Your Clients

December 2014

In his earlier book, Premium! How Experts Just Like You Are Charging Premium Rates For What They Know And You Can Too!, five-time best-selling author Rob Cuesta tackled how to raise the perceived value of your services and products so that you can charge more. In Authority! he turns his attention on how to get yourself in front of the kind of clients who will be willing to pay those premium prices by using one of the most powerful positioning tools in the marketer's library, an authority book.

If you are a 'professional expert' - a consultant, adviser, coach, accountant, lawyer, medical practitioner or in any other field where your income relies on your advice, your experience and your expertise - you are about to learn how you could be approaching potential new clients as a published author and expert in your field in as little as 45 days.

Rob explains not only how to get what you know out of your head and into a book, but also how to get that book past your client's gatekeepers and into the hands of the person who needs to be reading it.

Whether you think you can write or not, Rob will help you overcome every block that may have been holding you back, and helps you create the ultimate professional legacy: your thoughts in printed form.

Reader Reviews

Excellent information provided in a well organized manner with action items to get you started down the path to rapid publishing. I have published three #1 best selling books on Amazon and they have forever changed my business dramatically. As Rob states in the book, the value is not in the number of books you sell but in the authority the books give you and the deals you close as a result of them. I highly recommend this to just about everyone who is interested in writing a non fiction book. The information will save you a lot of time and money and most importantly, set you down the correct path to publishing a successful book.
If you're looking for a gameplan on how to build your authority, become the recognized expert in your area, and more importantly... close more sales...then you'll definitely want to checkout this book. Rob has written a clear, easy-to-follow, and step-by-step blueprint to get you started asap... It should be required reading for all business owners... Highly recommended.
An excellent reference and guidebook with a positive, motivating message for anyone who's sitting on the fence about using a book to promote themselves or their business today.
Brilliant marketing and promotion techniques taught here. Cuesta clearly is on top of evolving technologies that can be used to create decisive advantages over the competition. A must read for marketing professionals or anyone who wants to command a higher price for their brand, product or service.
Rob Cuesta shows he is an expert on the subject. And he shows the reader how to create authority and then leverage it for success. I will be sharing this book and its messages with my consulting clients. Thanks for bring this message to us all!
This is a great book. Lots of insight on how to gain authority in my niche and positioning myself as the expert. Definitely one of the best books I have read on using authority and mastering it.

Premium! How Experts Just Like you Are Charging Premium Rates For What They Know. And You Can Too!

September 2014

Making more money in business comes down to three things: selling more products and services, to more people, for more money. This book focuses one one aspect of that triad: selling for more money.

If you are a ‘professional expert’ - a coach, consultant, accountant, lawyer, dentist, or in any other field where you make your living by selling your advice, your experience and your expertise - then you will learn powerful techniques to help you command the top fees in your field.

Think about it: what difference would it make to you, your family and your staff, if you were able to double your fees or more? And if doing so actually meant you got more clients rather than fewer?

In this book you’ll find out how to make cheap wine taste like a million dollars, why you shouldn’t let your mum set your fees, and how to get other people to drink boiled cat poo - all in the interest of helping YOU make more MONEY.

The biggest paradigm driving this book is that you've given up control of your prices. You're letting everyone from your old employer to your biggest competitor tell you how much to charge, and it's time to TAKE BACK CONTROL!

Rob will show you which products and services will get you the highest fees, how to bring in more clients at high fees than you used to get at low fees, and why charging the market rate is THE WORST THING you can do for your business.

So add this book to your cart and head on over to the checkouts - you'll wish you'd read it sooner!

Reader Reviews

"This book is so good that even though I could read it free on Kindle Unlimited, I bought it (KU only lets you have 10 titles at a time, and I want to keep this one!). I have a small service business, and just on my first skim-through saw many ways to improve my bottom line. I really like the advice on having a system set up, and how to create more products. I plan to give this one a good bit of study!"
"This book is absolutely outstanding. Rob very clearly explains how we set ourselves up for bringing in poor revenue, makes clear why we need to change that right away, and gives us the information on how to do it. It's written in plain language so you can just about hear Rob telling you this -- just read it in a British accent :-). I read the entire book in two nights and will now be going back and applying the tips and strategies."
"Great book for experts who want to make more money. In the first half of the book I already got two breakthrough ideas for my seminar business. This book can really challenge you to think differently about your business."
"Perfect timing for me in finding this book. As a consultant, one of my bigger issues is not charging premium prices for the premium service I provide to all my clients. I need to reread this book a few times so it becomes a natural concect for me. Thanks Rob for creating this info."
"This book is so good that even though I could read it free on Kindle Unlimited, I bought it (KU only lets you have 10 titles at a time, and I want to keep this one!). I have a small service business, and just on my first skim-through saw many ways to improve my bottom line. I really like the advice on having a system set up, and how to create more products. I plan to give this one a good bit of study!"
"Great book! I made the mistake of settling down to read it after dinner. Now it is way past bed time, and my head is exploding with ideas. I'm not expecting to sleep well tonight, but tomorrow will be amazing! I'll be hitting the ground running with all the new stuff I've learned from this book. Thanks!

Rob doesn't take the motivational "You can do it if you believe you can" angle. The book is full of practical advice, real-life scenarios and examples, and tips you can take immediate action on."