25th August 2011

Six-Figure Blueprint Brief 11: Get more from the clients you used to have

Here's another short video, this time on why you need to go and talk to past clients!
25th August 2011

Six-Figure Blueprint Brief 6: The Puppy Dog Close

Another 6-Figure Blueprint Brief to help you market your coaching, consulting or advisory practice: 6. The Puppy Dog Close
6th June 2011

#PRACEXPLOSION Quick Growth Tip #16: When they’ve bought, keep selling

I bought a new pair of trainers this weekend. That's not the interesting thing of course. What is interesting is what happened when I went to pay.
8th September 2010

Quick Growth Tip #12: Focus and Thrive

One surefire way of failing in business is to try to do everything for everyone, and for coaches, consultants, therapists, and other service professionals, the temptation is very string. After all, we have a toolset that is designed to solve problems - any problems - and to do it quickly and effectively. The "problem" is, though, that no-one wakes up thinking "I have a problem, I must go and find someone to help me solve it!"
1st April 2010

#PracExplosion Income Strategies For Coaches, Consultants and Professional Advisers – 1 of 7

OK, so you make your living by selling your thoughts: your opinion, your advice, your creative ideas, your experience, whatever it may be. The problem with that kind of industry is that it tends to be driven by trading money for hours, which means that most professional "thinkers" end up in a trap that says: "I have to work as many hours as possible, because when I'm not working I'm not earning". That's not a comfortable place to be. Trust me, I've been there! So how do we get out of that trap?