10th April 2015

What’s the REAL Problem With Your Business?

Back in 2010 I ran my first ever seminars under my own brand. It was a weekend event called “Practice Explosion” (which later developed into The Six Figure Blueprint)  and I flew from the UK where I was living to Toronto and Montreal to run it. A few weeks before the workshops I got a call from a consultant who was thinking of attending. “I’m sick of doing associate work,” she told me. “I want to stop doing it and get my own clients.” Now, I knew that I would teach her how to raise her profile and attract her […]
14th January 2012

UBC7: Stuck for ideas? Read this!

I’ve been reading. It’ll be no great shock to anyone who knows me or indeed who has followed this blog over the years. The fact is, the demise of Borders merely made way for more time sitting in Costa downloading ebooks to the Kindle app on my iPad rather than sitting in Starbucks leafing through paper books But my latest read has been a “real” book. With hard covers no less!
28th September 2011

More reviews

Loved this review of my new book, "More Clients, More Money, More Fun" - hadn't thought of it being ` "must read" :) http://tinyurl.com/5ven9wl
27th September 2011

I’ve been getting great feedback on my new book. First Amazon.com review is up. So this is how actors feel waiting for the morning papers! http://amzn.to/qLohN6
13th October 2009


I've made a few alterations to the blog. FIrst off, you may have noticed the change of title – this is now The Business Growth Blog, reflecting the fact that personal branding is a tool for achiving just that: business growth. The content of the blog will also broaden to reflect this new focus. Second, I've added a new Amazon bookstore in the links on the left hand side. I realised that a lot of my readers are in the US, so I've created a bookstore on Amazon.com alongside the existing Amazon.co.uk store. So now, if you're visiting from the […]