11th January 2015

Content Marketing And the New Mainstream

( image ) On the eve of our third annual P&G Signal (a private event I’ve produced for P&G these past few years) comes this piece in HBR : The Content Marketing Revolution. Just this morning I was reflecting on the speed with which the idea…
10th January 2015

20 Deadly Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

A lot of professional firms get content marketing wrong. Here our guest bloggers at DreamStateDigital help you figure out if you’re one of them.   The biggest mistake that I see in #content marketing strategies is when companies think that talking about their products or services is “content”. It’s not – it’s advertising. A lot of what is billed as “content” is little more than the written…
9th January 2015

4 Business Blogging Mistakes That Are Keeping Your Audience Out of Reach

If, like the rest of us, you have not been living under a rock, you are aware of the amazing benefits of blogging for your business.  It is rare to visit a business website without a blog these days. By the time my clients hire me , they have completely…