23rd January 2016

Are you falling for the big, fat scarcity lie?

Scarcity. Scarcity Mentality. Scarcity Thinking. You’ve got to admire the word “scarcity”. It has managed to wheedle its way into both business and personal development.. Not selling enough? Business coaches will blame your scarcity mentality. Economists will blame scarcity in the world markets. Your life coach will tell you that your scarcity thinking is blinding you to success. Scarcity drives the ‘numbers game’ approach to sales: you have to get in front of as many people as you can, because real clients are so rare that you need to cast your net wide. Scarcity is great when we are creating in others as part of […]
6th November 2015

5 Ways to Maximise Your Credibility

If you want to charge premium rates for your programmes, you first have to become the go-to professional in your niche; the one clients absolutely have to work with, whatever it takes and however much it costs. It’s what I call ‘the Natural Expert’. You’re probably already working towards that goal. You probably have been for some time. If you’re not quite there yet, though, here’s how to kickstart your career. Content Creation. The biggest thing you can do to grow your following and your credibility is to create content and get yourself ‘out there’. It’s called ‘ubiquity’: wherever a […]
28th October 2015

Struggling with ‘value’ and ‘price’ – the ‘ancient wisdom’ of the price ladder

In many respects, this is a missing chapter from my book Premium!: How Experts Just Like You Are Charging Premium Rates For What They Know And You Can Too! I say that because I’m about to give you the secret to naming your price and charging whatever you want for your products and services. Yes, you read that right. So read on. A couple of days ago I had an uncomfortable conversation with a client. It was about the price of his offer. Or rather, the value of it. He’d told me what he wanted to charge for his new […]
27th October 2015

Inside the Head of Top-Earning Experts: Mindset Matters

Inside the Head of Top-Earning Experts: Mindset Matters Think about the top-earning experts you know. In my field, it is people like Dan Kennedy, Mike Koenigs, Tony Robbins, Ali Brown, Lisa Sasevich. In your field there will be people who are recognized as being at the top of their game, and at the top of the earnings scale. What characteristics do you think made them successful? You probably thought of their force of personality, their experience and expertise. Those are all important characteristics. But, would it surprise you if I said there is something that’s more important? While all of […]
10th April 2015

What’s the REAL Problem With Your Business?

Back in 2010 I ran my first ever seminars under my own brand. It was a weekend event called “Practice Explosion” (which later developed into The Six Figure Blueprint)  and I flew from the UK where I was living to Toronto and Montreal to run it. A few weeks before the workshops I got a call from a consultant who was thinking of attending. “I’m sick of doing associate work,” she told me. “I want to stop doing it and get my own clients.” Now, I knew that I would teach her how to raise her profile and attract her […]