24th August 2011

Six-Figure Blueprint Brief 17: Strategy & Tactics

Strategy and Tactics. Do you know which is which in your business? Thinking and acting tactically may get you some short term wins, but it's a recipe for long term failure if you don't start thinking and acting strategically
13th September 2010

#PRACEXPLOSION Quick Growth Tip #13: Is your business systematic? is it automatic?

Is your business systematic? is it automatic? Does it run like the proverbial Greased Lighning? If it doesn't then I predict it's been a while since you had a proper holiday. Even if you manage to get away, I suspect you have to check emails every hour or so just in case you've made a sale or had an enquiry. And you've probably lost a few clients by not following up properly. Am I getting close? I know I am, because I've been there! So let me tell you how to get out of your world of pain.
11th December 2009

Is this the worst business card ever?

I was at a show for startup businesses a couple of weeks ago in London. Taking a break from the stand I joined some fellow exhibitors for lunch. At one point we were interrupted by the arrival of a shadowy figure who walked up to the table and - without a word - dropped a single business card into the centre of the table then walked on to the next table. Now, I could probably write a whole blog post just discussing his method of approaching us, but let's look at his business card...
2nd December 2009

Schrodinger’s Lunch – does business networking work?

At a recent workshop I ran, one of the attendees asked whether networking works. I know people in business who swear by the power of networking meetings in growing their business. I also know people who swear just at the thought of going networking. The reality is that for some people it works, and for others it doesn't. It's a little like Schrodinger's cat. Schrodinger imagined a thought experiment that goes as follows: imagine a cat in a sealed box. In the box there is also a piece of radioactive material that is decaying and will ultimately kill the cat (remember - this is an imaginary cat, not a real one!). How do you know the cat whether the cat is alive or dead? You can't know until you open the box.
16th September 2009

Before you get into social media, what does your audience look like?

I just found a new online tool that could just be ESSENTIAL for any business that is serious about using social media to reach its target audience. Forrester Research's Groundswell Consumer Profile Tool will give you a "technographic" profile (think demographic for the internet age) of your audience based on country, age and gender. There are 8 categories of user and a link to an explanation of each category. More detail and analysis can be found in Forrester's new book "Groundswell". Unmissable :)