20th May 2013

Zen And The Art of Double Entry Bookkeeping

As I write this, I’m sitting in the Club Lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport waiting for my flight to Istanbul A big, flashing red sign on the screen tells me that my morning flight has been delayed until after lunch, yet I’m strangely calm for someone whose carefully planned day has just evaporated in a puff of virtual smoke. And through my mind (after a brief mental stomp and complaining to myself that it’s not fair) went the thought: I’m fortunate to live a life where the biggest problem I have to deal with is my flight being delayed by […]
19th July 2010

Flying On The Edge Of Darkness

It was an odd sensation. I was flying home from a management training course at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, WA, a few weeks ago. I've flown transatlantic many times over the years, but on this occasion a precise conjunction of dates, flight path, and in flight entertainment put me, quite literally, in my own personal twilight zone.
16th April 2010

When things go wrong…

..what your customers want is a swift and painless fix. What they often get - particularly from large organisations - is a descent to Dante's 7th Circle of Hell, as they get passed from person to person in a call centre. I was renewing my 1shoppingcart.com account tonight and somehow managed to create a second account instead. Mea culpa - I messed up. I admit it. So I called 1SC's support desk...
1st April 2010

Are you coming to Practice Explosion?

On 10th May I'll search Twitter and Google and decide who I think did the best job of portraying their excitement and anticipation about the event. The winner will get a free copy of the recording of the whole weekend, worth $297
24th February 2010

How much is your time REALLY worth

I was at a meeting of the mastermind group I belong to today (yes, even coaches have coaches. Or should that be "Above all, coaches have coaches") and one of the topics that came up was procrastination. We were talking about ways of prioritising tasks, and how to spot the things that take us away from what we should be doing. As I was driving home I was struck by a simple way of putting "busy work" into a new light. Want to know what I came up with?