8th January 2015

Social Media tools you cannot do without

Social Media tools that you must have! There are 8 social media tools you must have. These tools will help improve your social media management and add efficiency to your work flow. They don’t replace your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,…
15th November 2012

8 How often should I post to my blog or social media?

  So, you’ve created a blog, and you’ve got your accounts on Facebook and Twitter and Linked in and Youtube and all the other social media sites. Now what? In particular, how often should you be posting? Well, we’re back to an idea I discuss in Video Number 5: “should I be on twitter or facebook or whatever?” You need to be strategic. That means you need to plan your posts ahead of time. You can add extra posts as things happen in your life, but have a schedule of posts and updates mapped out to keep you on track. […]
14th February 2012

UBC11: The new new economy

Unless you've been under a rock for the last few years, you've no doubt heard that we live in the "new economy" and that unless we adapt our marketing to it, we're doomed. Which of course is true. The only problem is, no-one seems too specific about what exactly this new economy is.
21st January 2012

UBC8: One mindset shift that will TRANSFORM your relationship with your tribe

You know already you need to build a tribe, right? I mean you may call it your list (I tell my clients not to, for a variety of reasons), your community (better), your army of raving fans, or whatever, but you know you need to gather a bunch of people around you who care about what you have to say to them. You'll have heard that over and over again. You also probably know that having built your tribe you need to engage with them, and the bare minimum for that is an email sequence or "autoresponder series". The problem a lot of business owners have is that it's easy to write 20 emails, but that doesn't make an autoresponder sequence. There’s a key thing they’re missing. So I want to tell you what that is.
14th January 2012

UBC6: Time for a revamp

I was getting tired of the old, rather black-and-white image of my main website at www.RobCuesta.com, so I've gone for something a little different.