21st November 2012

14 Video killed the radio star, but who killed the information economy?

http://robcuesta.com/6figureblueprint I want to talk to you about one of the changes that has done more than anything else to devalue generic “life” and “business” coaching. I’ve often heard it said that as coaches we live in the Information Economy, and we need to become information marketers, selling Information Products. Here’s the thing though. People think the internet created the information economy. It didn’t. People were selling information in books and newspapers and audio programmes and video programmes long before the Internet came on the scene. In fact, like most economies, the Information Economy relied on scarcity to keep prices […]
13th September 2010

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23rd March 2009

It’s an integration issue, silly

So, you're building your personal brand. You have your website, you have your blog, you have your online profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook and MySpace, you've written your elevator pitch, identified your key prospects, built your network, written your brand profile and your branded bio. Also, if you are job hunting, you have your business card, your online resume, and your paper resume as both .pdf and .doc ready to send. Or, if you are in business, or an entrepreneur, then you have your business cards, your brochures, and you've lined up referral partners with what they have to say to introduce you. In short... you've got everything you need. Here's the bad news: that's the easy part. Now the work begins.
26th February 2008

Taking a break

It’s been a while since my last post. Unfortunately, I’ve had a bit of an IT disaster. My trusty laptop – or rather the new one I got 6 months ago – has completely died. I can’t get any data off it – which is worrying as it’s been a while since I last backed up. I’m also out of the country so I can’t get to my backups. What have I learnt from this? always carry two laptops if you’re going to be away from home for a long time (I actually learnt that a while ago, and bought […]
7th February 2008

Karl marx and the rise of branding

We don't look at a lump of metal, plastic and hide and say 'I think I need 1.6 tonnes of that", we look at an Aston martin V8 Vantage, and we think of the lifestyle it represents, the feel of the leather as we sit back in the drivers' seat, the looks other drivers and pedestrians will give us, and - yes - we think of James Bond.