8th January 2015

Social Media tools you cannot do without

Social Media tools that you must have! There are 8 social media tools you must have. These tools will help improve your social media management and add efficiency to your work flow. They don’t replace your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,…
23rd December 2014

Welcome to the new look site – and farewell 2012!

We’ve been busy for the last 12 months over at the Joined Up Marketing site, so I thought it was about time we brought RobCuesta.com up to date (the last major update was December 2012, so it was overdue!). Gone is the heavy, deep red and small fonts, and in comes a new, bright and airy look. I hope you enjoy exploring!
10th July 2013

An innovative way to get people to opt back in to your tribe

So, you’ve put all that effort into getting people to opt in to your list (and quite a bit of cash too, perhaps), but one day you catch them when they’ve had a barrage of emails from people, and yours is the final straw. They click “unsubscribe” and they’re gone forever. The law says you can’t email them so now you’re stuck, tight? Well not quite. That was the situation Zurich Insurance was facing when 25% of it’s list ticked “no thanks”. Ouch! So what did they do about it? A brilliant piece of marketing that demonstrates so well how […]
15th November 2012

8 How often should I post to my blog or social media?

  So, you’ve created a blog, and you’ve got your accounts on Facebook and Twitter and Linked in and Youtube and all the other social media sites. Now what? In particular, how often should you be posting? Well, we’re back to an idea I discuss in Video Number 5: “should I be on twitter or facebook or whatever?” You need to be strategic. That means you need to plan your posts ahead of time. You can add extra posts as things happen in your life, but have a schedule of posts and updates mapped out to keep you on track. […]
2nd May 2012

The Money is **NOT** In The List

Have you ever been told that "the money is in the list"? I hear it everywhere I go. And people fret over how many 10s or 100s of thousands of subscribers they have. If you've been worrying about how big yours is, then fear not: in the world of professional services marketing, size doesn't matter anywhere much as you think. There are people with lists of hundreds of thousands who are running out of cash, and people with only a few thousands of subscribers who have a fantastic business. It's not how big it is that matters, but what you do with it. And yes, this is starting to sound like a Benny Hill routine :) But here's the thing.