Before you get into social media, what does your audience look like?
16th September 2009
What do you have to do to get customer satisfaction around here?
28th October 2009
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I've made a few alterations to the blog. FIrst off, you may have noticed the change of title – this is now The Business Growth Blog, reflecting the fact that personal branding is a tool for achiving just that: business growth. The content of the blog will also broaden to reflect this new focus.

Second, I've added a new Amazon bookstore in the links on the left hand side. I realised that a lot of my readers are in the US, so I've created a bookstore on alongside the existing store. So now, if you're visiting from the US feel free to visit the new store.

OK, it's 1.24 am here – time this blogger was off to sleep!

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