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Inside the Head of Top-Earning Experts: Mindset Matters

Inside the Head of Top-Earning Experts: Mindset Matters

Think about the top-earning experts you know. In my field, it is people like Dan Kennedy, Mike Koenigs, Tony Robbins, Ali Brown, Lisa Sasevich. In your field there will be people who are recognized as being at the top of their game, and at the top of the earnings scale.

What characteristics do you think made them successful?

You probably thought of their force of personality, their experience and expertise. Those are all important characteristics. But, would it surprise you if I said there is something that’s more important?

While all of those factors do, indeed, help experts to attract and retain an audience, there is one other thing that is absolutely critical to their success. Something that cannot be seen.


Mindset is the determining factor of your success in everything you do, in business and in life. And your business is no different from theirs: without the right mindset, you will constantly attract the wrong clients, clients who—while you are able to help them, and they need it—can’t always afford to pay you fees that reflect the true value of what you do for them.

If your aim is to attract a steady stream of four-, five- or even six-figure clients, then you are going to have to work on your mindset. You are going to have to make some internal shifts; shifts that will bring you more into line with what the top earners in your industry already do and feel.

Changing Your Attitude

One thing charismatic and personable people have in common is a good attitude. You won’t see them complaining about how the kids are sick, “again” or that the cable repair guy is 40 minutes late, or even that the car blew a tire.

Instead, they express gratitude for everything. For having a business that allows them to stay home and take care of their kids. For living in a society where news is a click of a button away. For having a mechanic on the doorstep who can get parts in hours rather than weeks and can get them on the road the same day.

If you find yourself complaining—even in your head—turn your attitude around. Whatever is going wrong, there is almost always something to be grateful for. I often end up reminding myself that there are a lot of things going right in order for the problem to have come up in the first place: even a huge tax bill is just a reminder that you made a lot of money to get taxed on!

When you can rethink and revise your attitude for the better, I doesn’t just make your day-to-day routine happier. You end up attracting a better audience, too.

Growing Your Confidence

Another thing those top experts have in common is confidence: they believe in what they do and in the effectiveness of what they do. They believe in their ability to help others achieve the same results. When they walk on stage, or deliver a webinar, they know deep down that what they are going to say will change the lives of those who are listening.

It’s not arrogance. It’s not bravado. It’s confidence.

One of the biggest problems I find with new clients is that they have systematically chiseled away at their own confidence until there’s none left. They discount their achievements. They ignore feedback. They focus on what they haven’t got rather than what they have done: “I haven’t got the right kind of experience”, “I haven’t worked with the right kinds of clients”, “I haven’t been qualified long enough”.

In my book Premium! How Experts Just Like You Are Charging Premium Rates for What They Know and You Can Too, I tell the story of one of my clients who had been charging bottom rates for their work because they had only qualified as a coach for 6 months. This despite the fact that they had a well-defined niche coaching financial advisers on selling, and had been the top-selling financial adviser in the country two years running!

Fortunately, you can take steps to increase your confidence if you need it.

First, if you feel uncomfortable in a situation, ask yourself, “What’s really at stake? What’s the worst that could happen?”

Once you’ve identified the worst-case scenarios, figure out which ones you have control over, and which you don’t. The truth is, there is no point worrying about things you don’t have control over: no amount of worrying will change the outcome. So, you may as well let go of the things that are outside your control and focus on the things you can control.

Next, think about someone who is confident in whatever you’re about to do, someone you would aspire to be like. What would they be saying to themselves? (It’s probably not whatever internal conversation you’ve got going on). Stand how they stand. Walk how they walk. Move at the same speed as they move. You can use this ‘modelling’ technique in everything from creating a new product to closing a sale. Whenever you feel your confidence failing, just remember to act like someone who has done this successfully hundreds of times.

Why This Matters

Have you ever been on the phone to someone, and you just knew that they were smiling? Or that they were scowling?

You can hear mood on the phone. And you can also hear mindset.

When you’re talking to a potential client, they can hear whether you are confident or not. Whether you are sincere or not.

They can hear your mindset, and if it’s not up to the standards of the top earners in your field, you’ll struggle to close the deal. Work on your attitude and confidence levels, and watch your income soar.

You can find out more about the link between mindset, earning capacity and premium pricing at the Toronto Entrepreneurs Group meeting on 12 November 2015. Details at


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