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10th September 2007
What does your office artwork say about your personal brand?
13th September 2007
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My POWER Brand Assessment

Something odd is going on...

Something odd is going on…

Every day I check the stats for my blog and website, and every day some of you are clicking through to my POWER Brand assessment. However, I haven’t received any notifications for weeks, which makes me wonder if there’s a problem.


  1. If you clicked through and took the assessment, but either didn’t get any results, or you got results but haven’t heard back from me, email me a let me know when you took the test, and if you got any results emailed to you
  2. If you clicked through and either decided not to complete the test or completed it but decided not to submit your results, email me and let me know what made you change your mind
  3. If you’ve never clicked through to the test I’d be interested to hear from you as to why it doesn’t appeal, and what I could do to attract people to click on the link

Thanks for your help in making my blog and site even better 🙂


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