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27th September 2007
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8th October 2007
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Personal style statements and your personal brand

Imagine having your entire personal brand summed up in two words.

Technorati can throw up all sorts of wonderful stuff, and this is one of them. Imagine having your entire personal style summed up in two descriptive words that guide every decision you have to make. That’s what Carrie & Danielle are apparently proposing, and with 600 clients to their name someone must think they’re onto a good thing.

Carrie & Danielle work on personal style, but I don’t see why you couldn’t apply the same idea to your whole personal brand.

Of course, the magic is in choosing two words which will fit in every situation. It’s easy to come up with a word pair that would fit your work life, but not your private life, say. But like many exercises, the very act of thinking about what those two words might be, and discussing them with your personal brand strategist, will throw up many interesting questions and open up lots of avenues worth exploring. So whether or not you can get down to the elusive two words, the value is in the reflection, and I think I’ll be exploring this further with clients.

In the meantime, what two descriptive words would sum up your personal brand?


  1. Romana says:

    Hello there, I’m Constructive Graceful. I found the beauty of the style statement was that it applies to both your personal and professional life. This consistency is what makes this brand so powerful. Your first word is the 80% of you, what comes to you naturally and instinctively. I’m Constructive, in everything I do, I am process oriented and organized. The second word is your 20%, your creative edge. This is where the power is and this is where the value is in going through Carrie and Danielle’s process. I hadn’t even been conscientiously aware of graceful until I had my style statement done. Am I graceful in business, yes! When there are difficult moments to get through I ask myself – how would you handle this gracefully – am I graceful in my style, how I present myself and what I wear? Yes, but I keep working at it. Am I graceful in my personal relationships and how I take care of myself – yes, since I had my Style Statement done I’ve used Graceful to inform my behaviour, decisions, work, activities – what more power can there be in a brand than to be consistent?

  2. Rob Cuesta says:

    Hi Romana. Thanks for the explanation of how the statements are built up. You’re absolutely right that whatever your brand is has to apply across the whole of your life – personal and professional – not just be situational, and consistency is the powerhouse behind an authentic personal brand.

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