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6th February 2011
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#PRACEXPLOSION Quick Growth Tip #16: When they’ve bought, keep selling

I bought a new pair of trainers this weekend. That's not the interesting thing of course. What is interesting is what happened when I went to pay.

I bought a new pair of trainers this weekend.

That's not the interesting thing of course.

What is interesting is what happened when I went to pay.

I was delighted when, as I walked up to the till, the salesman said "Aren't they great? I love these trainers. They're the most comfortable I've ever bought – I virtually live in mine" (he kicked up a foot to let me see that he was indeed wearing them). "And we even had to ask for special permission from head office to sell them at this price" (a shop round the corner was selling them for £40 more). "You'll love wearing them."

Now, one of the dangers of doing sales and marketing training is you do become very cynical about what sales people say and do, but this guy came across as a genuine fan of the product – it was the kind of evangelism you normally only expect to find in a certain very "fruity" IT brand's stores.

And maybe he did also understand what he was doing.

You see, this wasn't a £30 pair of everyday running shoe. This was £100-worth of perfectly waterproofed, Vibram-soled, lightweight space age fabrics, seamless inside, all-weather, all-terrain, extreme sports running technology.

That's a lot of money to spend on something when, let's face it, I could have easily put them back on the shelf and gone and picked up a cheaper pair.

What I needed at that moment, the moment when I had to reach into my wallet and pull out my credit card, was reassurance that I'd made the right decision, that the price was not just right but a downright bargain,and that I would continue to think the same way going into the future.

And that's exactly what he gave me.

One of the biggest mistakes I see professionals make in their practice, especially as we move them into the space of charging higher fees and creating high-ticket programmes and products, is that they don't re-sell the client.

This is especially important with products and services that are delivered over time: every month when the client has to sign the cheque they get to ask themselves "do I still need this? Am I getting my moeny's worth? Am I getting the results I hoped for?"

Your job is to remind them of the reasons why they need it, the value they're getting, and what they will achieve if they keep going.

And that job starts the moment they first say "yes": you need to make them feel good about their decision, give them certainty that it was the right decision at the right price, and get them looking forward to the first paid interaction with you. And the next time you see them? You do the same again.

And you keep doing it. At least you do, if you want to keep the client!

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  1. Ankur Magan says:

    well this is a real life example of marketing that works

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