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17th September 2007
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Putting the “personal” in your personal brand

Getting up-close and personal with your contacts can be a great differentiator in today's impersonal, e-everything business environment

Over at Fast Company, Wendy Marx has posted a great article that reminded me of two key things in Personal Branding.

The first is that we need to keep it refereshed, and that means getting input from other people. Personal brands are all about what other people are saying about you, and the whole process kicks off with asking them for feedback. It’s all too easy for that brand to go stale unless you keep making contact, keep giving them something to say about you, and keep asking for feedback. The best way to do all three of those is by personal contact.

The second point is that getting up-close and personal with your contacts can be a great differentiator in today’s impersonal, e-everything business environment. Sending a hand-written "thank you" note, rather than an email, marks you out as someone who pays attention to people as individuals. Going and meeting your clients, colleagues or managers face-to-face, rather than telephoning or sending one of your team, means that they have a face and a voice to put to the name, and they can get a real ‘feel’ for who you are as a person, and what they think of you – something that is too easily lost in a few carelessly typed words.

So, what are you doing to put the "personal" in your personal brand?

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  1. Wendy Marx says:

    Rob, great point you make about getting input from others on your personal brand and getting up close and personal with your contacts. Also, loved your question, “What are you doing to put the personal in personal branding?”

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