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  • Seven-Figure Authority Book: A complimentary PDF copy of the book one of Rob's clients used to generate an extra $1 MILLION worth of leads, including a company that had been refusing to take their calls for over 3 years
  • Selling From The Stage: Rob's chapter on Selling From The Stage from the bestselling "There's Money In This Book!"
  • Resources and Guides: Get all the resources and guides mentioned in the book, including "Covers That Work" "Titles That Work" and "Mapping The Client Journey"
  • Your Book is Your Brand: A free 60-minute training on how to write your own bestselling authority book and use it to get more leads, close more sales and raise your fees 

Rob Cuesta, MBA, DipM, BSc

Canada's Business Growth Coach
Award-winning speaker and consultant, six-time Amazon bestselling author.
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