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9th October 2017
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Stop trying to make money!

Vector illustration of money machine

Have you ever noticed that most of the language around money is based on a manufacturing metaphor? You “make” money. You “generate” revenue”. you “create” prosperity. The est sales people are called “top producers”.

I hate that idea.

With a passion.

Here’s why.

The manufacturing metaphor implies that you are going to produce income, which in turn means that either there are raw materials that you have to acquire from somewhere (which means it’s going to cost you money to make money) or you have to generate it spontaneously from within yourself (which goes against the laws of the universe).

Back when I was running my Six-Figure Blueprint workshops, part of the weekend was spent re-aligning people’s ideas about money. One of the seeds I would plant is this: all the money you will ever earn, between now and the day you die, is currently in the hands of other people. They just need a good enough reason for them to give it to you instead.

Think about that for a moment.

The money you will make next month doesn’t need to be made or generated or produced. It already exists. It’s just currently somewhere else.

So, how would your mindset shift if, instead of focusing on income generation strategies, or whatever, you turned your thoughts to how you can attract that money to you. If making more income wasn’t about being more productive, but instead about being more attractive? (and I don’t mean physically, I mean mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually–whatever that might look like to you).

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