2nd January 2012

If you want to get more clients, join the Ultimate Blog Challenge – I have! (UBC post 1)

You've probably noticed that my blogging can sometimes get a little sparse--which is ironic, because I tell all my clients to blog regularly! I could make all sorts of excuses about hectic travel schedules (though now I think about it, a post from each city I visit would probably make for an interesting series!). But I'm not going to. Instead, I've got myself a little accountability...
8th April 2009

Starting a Social Media Team

Social can seem like a bit of a minefield in the corporate environment - after all, who wants their staff mouthing off online about their petty gripes in the workplace (at least that's how a lot of corporate executives still seem to view the medium), so I was pleased to find this post about how to set up a corporate social media team, though it's applicable to organisations of any size, and just as relevant in the not-for-profit sector.
17th July 2008

Managing your Technorati authority

It encourages bloggers to regularly post fresh, interesting material that addresses the core themes that other people are discussing. Or, of course, if that's too much trouble, you can just post a gross-out video from YouTube and let viral interest do the rest. I know which path I'd rather follow!
1st July 2007

A directory of blogs

Blogs are an inportant element of your personal brand, providing you with online presence and a forum for demonstrating publicly your expertise. But they’re not much use if no-one can find them.