10th September 2008

Stories to build your career

Just how do you make the everyday minutiae of your job into a compelling tale that will keep the recruiter listening?
6th September 2008

Time to revamp your LinkedIn profile?

I was an 'early adopter' of LinkedIn, and my profile - as you'd expect - has been through several revisions. Nevertheless, there's always more that can be done to improve these things, so I was intrigued to find an old post by Guy Kawasaki based on advice he received from LinkedIn's inhouse design team. The post is...
9th July 2008

What would you do…

By focusing on these questions daily, we achieve two things. First, we are always performing at the top of our game, aiming to make an impact and leave a positive impression. Second, it keeps us moving in the direction of our next career goal.
19th June 2008

How much am I worth?

Are you considering a job move? Negotiating a pay raise? Looking at a career change? Just plain curious how your pay compares to your peers? It can be difficult to get comparatives, particularly if you are moving between regions.
21st June 2007

7 ways to stay stuck in your career

Entitled '7 ways to stay stuck in your career', it details the ways in which we often block ourselves from making the career changes we want to.