12th May 2009

Always give 100%

It's happened to all of us: you wake up in the morning feeling tired or somehow below par. Maybe you couldn't get to sleep, maybe you were up late, maybe you're starting to go down with something. You go in to work and you think "I'm not feeling great; I'll put in 60% effort today, but it's OK, I'll make up for it tomorrow."
16th October 2008

Turning your people into Brand Ambassadors can recession-proof your company

The result is that HR and Training depratments are becoming just as much custodians of the corporate brand as the Marketing department. They set the policies by which staff are selected, they determine the skills and attitudes of those staff, and they have to identify, develop and retain top talent.
10th July 2008

It’s “just” a word, and “just” a brand

a look through your website, your brochures or resumes, your business correspondence. Look at promotional materials you have produced. Think carefuly about the words you chose. What do your language choices say about you?
19th December 2007

Reach for your personal brand

In every western you've seen, when a stranger comes into town, what assumption do people make? The worst. And if it comes to a showdown with the stranger, do they ask him if he's a good guy or a bad guy? No, they shoot first and ask questions later.
26th November 2007

Personal Branding Magazine

While I was preparing for my recent trip to Toronto I completely missed the fact that the second edition of the new Personal Branding Magazine has gone live over at personalbrandingmag.com.