13th September 2010

#PRACEXPLOSION Quick Growth Tip #13: Is your business systematic? is it automatic?

Is your business systematic? is it automatic? Does it run like the proverbial Greased Lighning? If it doesn't then I predict it's been a while since you had a proper holiday. Even if you manage to get away, I suspect you have to check emails every hour or so just in case you've made a sale or had an enquiry. And you've probably lost a few clients by not following up properly. Am I getting close? I know I am, because I've been there! So let me tell you how to get out of your world of pain.
10th August 2010

#PRACEXPLOSION Quick Growth Tip #10: The Money Maker Equation

How much money can you make from your coaching business? It's an interesting question (for obvious reasons!) and one that you have to know the answer to. The problem is, most coaches have no idea where to even start in answering that question. Which is ironic, because it's actually quite an easy number to figure out. And once you know how to calculate it, you have pretty much total control over the final result. "So go on Rob, tell us this big secret..."
25th July 2010

Quick Growth Tip #7: Model Successful Marketing

Think of the times when you've bought something that you wanted but didn't necessarily need. Your world is full of examples of successful marketing, so keep your eyes and ears open.
24th July 2010

Quick Growth Tip #6: Show Your Clients a LOT of Love

Your clients have certain expectations of you. They expect you to turn up on time. They expect you to listen. They expect you to deliver on your promises. Yes, they even expect you to help them with the issue you told them in your marketing that you can help them with! They consider all of these as "standard". Which means that when you deliver it, all you're doing is meeting their expectations. Guess what, meeting expectations doesn't get you very far. In fact, all it really does is keep you in the game. If you want your clients to refer you on, if you want them to give you a glowing testimonial, if you want them to LOVE you then you have to give them a reason to do all that.
23rd July 2010

Quick Growth Tip #5: Let Them Take The Puppy Home

Have you ever heard of the Puppy Dog Close? Imagine you're the owner of a pet shop and you want to sell a litter of puppies. If you just let people come into the shop and look at the puppies, they may bond with them or they may not. It's all a bit hit and miss.