6th August 2012

Do you see opportunities or blocks everywhere you go?

Two sales men were sent from head office to Kuala Lumpur to set up a new sales office for Gillette. Within hours of landing the first one was on the phone back home.
3rd December 2011

Videos that say “I’m the expert”

If you want to see how to show your audience how much you know without being salesy or pushy, I really recommend that you rent the DVD and watch the extras.
6th February 2011

#PRACEXPLOSION Quick Growth Tip #15: Make Yourself Stand Out With A Powerful USP

We live in a world where businesses in every sector are at risk of becoming increasingly commoditised. The internet has opened us up to competition from around the world, and sites like guru.com mean that even service professionals are now at risk unless we can give potential customers a real reason to work with us rather than just going with the cheapest option.
25th July 2010

Quick Growth Tip #7: Model Successful Marketing

Think of the times when you've bought something that you wanted but didn't necessarily need. Your world is full of examples of successful marketing, so keep your eyes and ears open.
24th July 2010

Quick Growth Tip #6: Show Your Clients a LOT of Love

Your clients have certain expectations of you. They expect you to turn up on time. They expect you to listen. They expect you to deliver on your promises. Yes, they even expect you to help them with the issue you told them in your marketing that you can help them with! They consider all of these as "standard". Which means that when you deliver it, all you're doing is meeting their expectations. Guess what, meeting expectations doesn't get you very far. In fact, all it really does is keep you in the game. If you want your clients to refer you on, if you want them to give you a glowing testimonial, if you want them to LOVE you then you have to give them a reason to do all that.