16th April 2010

When things go wrong…

..what your customers want is a swift and painless fix. What they often get - particularly from large organisations - is a descent to Dante's 7th Circle of Hell, as they get passed from person to person in a call centre. I was renewing my 1shoppingcart.com account tonight and somehow managed to create a second account instead. Mea culpa - I messed up. I admit it. So I called 1SC's support desk...
28th October 2009

What do you have to do to get customer satisfaction around here?

What recovery strategies does your company have in place when things go wrong. Do you treat the customer as though they are always right? Or do you automatically treat them as though they are wrong? And how much is that costing you in terms of repeat business later?
27th August 2009

Customer satisfaction? It’s the unexpected extras that count

Recently, I had a nasty dent in the rear wing of my car. The insurance company chose the body shop they wanted me to use so I dropped it off. Three weeks and four aborted attempts to return my car later, I finally have it back. The first time, the paintwork was full of bubbles. The second time, the bubbles were gone but it looked like the whole thing had been rubbed with emery paper and left. The third time, the repair was a differentcolour from the rest of the wing, and they had splashed my rear bumper (fender, for the Americans among you!) with grey primer - not a good look for a flame red coupe! The fourth time, they brought the car back with the engine management light on. Suffice to say, I was NOT happy.