6th September 2008

Time to revamp your LinkedIn profile?

I was an 'early adopter' of LinkedIn, and my profile - as you'd expect - has been through several revisions. Nevertheless, there's always more that can be done to improve these things, so I was intrigued to find an old post by Guy Kawasaki based on advice he received from LinkedIn's inhouse design team. The post is...
10th July 2008

It’s “just” a word, and “just” a brand

a look through your website, your brochures or resumes, your business correspondence. Look at promotional materials you have produced. Think carefuly about the words you chose. What do your language choices say about you?
13th August 2007

Video in Resumes and Profiles

In my time I've seen some pretty dire online marketing videos and video profiles. Boring talking-head videos, distorted sound, poor lighting...