7th November 2008

Safer Social Networking

When I'm helping a client to build their online reputation, one of the key tools at our disposal is social network sites - you know the ones: Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Alongside concerns about how to keep the profile 'professional', the next most common concern clients have is about privacy and fraud, so I was pleased to find a post on microsoft.com listing 10 very useful tips on how to use these sites safely.
6th November 2008

Networking through Meetup.com

It's perhaps ironic that in a world where technology helps us to communicate faster and more directly with those around us, the same technology often sets up barriers that make us feel more isolated than ever before.
24th September 2007

Can I use Facebook in building a personal brand?

Personally, I’m not sure how useful Facebook is for brand building. On the face of it, it seems a good idea: constant contact, regular updates from your colleagues and clients, an easy mechanism for getting news to people, etc. In practice things aren’t quite so clear cut, and I’m yet to be convinced. However, if you do want to use it for professional networking here are six tips for keeping a ‘clean’ profile
29th June 2007

Business social networks mature

Sites like LinkedIn provide two major tools for career development and business development.
8th June 2007

Social networking

With sites like Facebook making it possible for the world to see who you associate with, and what they're saying to and about you, managing our online persona just got a whole lot harder!