31st October 2008

Apologies to my friends in the USA…

So my first question to you is this: are you an 'old Bond', stuck in your ways, changing little if at all, ignoring the lessons and learning opportunities that life throws at you? Or are you the new Bond,
11th October 2008

The name’s Bond, James Bond…

Since then, my career as a management consultant working around the globe has thankfully provided me with many opportunities to experience 'Bond moments', whether walking into the Casino de Royat (so near, and yet so far) in the south of France past the gaze of tuxedoed security guards and imagining them to be henchmen of some dastardly Bond villain, peering over the edge of volcanoes in Iceland, or driving around Europe in my sports coupe. One of my proudest moments came when, having reached the end of a project, one of the client's staff turned to her colleague and said "What are we going to do without our James Bond?"