19th July 2010

Quick Growth Tip #2: Manage Your Time

In recent weeks two of my clients - both partners in a major global consulting firm - have asked me for advice on making the most of their time. Time management is one of the key skills for anyone running a business. Without it, time can slip away like sand running out of an egg timer, so I thought I'd share the technique I gave them.
1st April 2010

#PracExplosion Income Strategies For Coaches, Consultants and Professional Advisers – 1 of 7

OK, so you make your living by selling your thoughts: your opinion, your advice, your creative ideas, your experience, whatever it may be. The problem with that kind of industry is that it tends to be driven by trading money for hours, which means that most professional "thinkers" end up in a trap that says: "I have to work as many hours as possible, because when I'm not working I'm not earning". That's not a comfortable place to be. Trust me, I've been there! So how do we get out of that trap?
9th January 2010

Why recruiters have it all wrong – part 2

Have you ever worked with someone who, on paper, looked like the perfect person for a job, but over time it turned out they just didn't have "what it takes" to be successful in the role? In the previous post we looked at some of the pitfalls of the traditional hiring process, and why it can be fatal for a company that is hiring in order to grow. The reality is, most interviewers are great at spotting people with the right skills for a job, but not necessarily the few who have "what it takes" - especially if the interviewer hasn't, themselves, done the job they're interviewing for. So what can we do to avoid those pitfalls? How do we know if someone will have "what it takes"?
8th January 2010

Why recruiters have it all wrong

Whether you're an entrepreneur hiring your first employee, or a corporate manager filling a new post or backfilling a gap created by the departure of an existing memebr of your team, recruiting the right people is essential to growing any business. You need to know that the new person will fit in the organisation, and you need to know they'll be able to do the job. Hiring the wrong person isn't just a potentially expensive mistake: put the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time and it could kill your business completely (RIP Barings Bank!). The problem is, most recruiters - even agents, whose job is solely to find candidates for other companies - have their focus all wrong when it comes to finding the right person. And the reason for that isn't hard to find.
31st October 2008

Apologies to my friends in the USA…

So my first question to you is this: are you an 'old Bond', stuck in your ways, changing little if at all, ignoring the lessons and learning opportunities that life throws at you? Or are you the new Bond,