14th January 2013

18 Have you been telling tales?

I just uploaded a new video I think you’ll enjoy http://robcuesta.com/6figureblueprint As I write this, I’m just about over jetlag from a big trip to LA. While I was there I was reflecting on the importance of storytelling in what we do as Natural Experts. As I tell the delegates in my Six-Figure Blueprint Intensive, your “Legend”–the tale of how you got to be in the business you are in–and why you started, is one of the key elements of a powerful Expert Presence. And there are six other tales that you need to be ready to tell, whether you’re […]
25th November 2012

19 Who are you really?

I just uploaded a new video I think you’ll enjoy http://robcuesta.com/6figureblueprint In another of these videos I talk about stories that tell your reader or your listener about how you got to be where you are and do what you do. They are your “how I got here” stories, your legend. But I also said that they’re not the only story you need to have in your little arsenal of teaching tools. The second type of story I want to tell you about is what I call a “who I am” story, or a VIA story. I call them VIA […]
6th August 2012

Do you see opportunities or blocks everywhere you go?

Two sales men were sent from head office to Kuala Lumpur to set up a new sales office for Gillette. Within hours of landing the first one was on the phone back home.
2nd May 2012

The Money is **NOT** In The List

Have you ever been told that "the money is in the list"? I hear it everywhere I go. And people fret over how many 10s or 100s of thousands of subscribers they have. If you've been worrying about how big yours is, then fear not: in the world of professional services marketing, size doesn't matter anywhere much as you think. There are people with lists of hundreds of thousands who are running out of cash, and people with only a few thousands of subscribers who have a fantastic business. It's not how big it is that matters, but what you do with it. And yes, this is starting to sound like a Benny Hill routine :) But here's the thing.
26th February 2012

Are you standing on the shoulders of giants?

It was Isaac Newton who famously declared that he was "standing on the shoulders of giants", referring to the fact that all his knowledge was a development of ideas that other, greater, people had developed before him. In that sense, it has a role to play in your positioning as an expert--however I think of it in a very different sense when it comes to running and growing your coaching, consulting or training business.