5th December 2008

Keeping it all together

If you dont' already have a domain then I guess it's a good way to start. My worry is what happens later, when you decide you'd like to have a proper website at johndoe.com instead of a bunch of profiles.
30th May 2008

3 tips for writing great blog posts

Shaun Boyd has some really good tips on blogging style that go beyond the usual 'check your spelling and make sure your grammar is correct'.
21st August 2007

Assessing your online brand

In an earlier post I included a link to the Online Identity Calculator, a tool developed by William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson to measure the strength of your online brand. However, there is one question that keeps coming up...
12th July 2007

How powerful is your online identity?

Personal branding is going hi-tech. It's not just about what people say about you, it's also about managing what the web says about you: your online identity.
10th June 2007

It’s here!

I was really excited the other day when a package I'd been waiting for for quite some time finally arrived