13th August 2007

Video in Resumes and Profiles

In my time I've seen some pretty dire online marketing videos and video profiles. Boring talking-head videos, distorted sound, poor lighting...
1st July 2007

A directory of blogs

Blogs are an inportant element of your personal brand, providing you with online presence and a forum for demonstrating publicly your expertise. But they’re not much use if no-one can find them.
29th June 2007

Business social networks mature

Sites like LinkedIn provide two major tools for career development and business development.
27th June 2007

My new Technorati profile

If you're going to use a Blog to build your online presence then you supposedly need to set up a Technorati Profile. I'll be watching carefully to see if it does, indeed, increase my visibility online - watch this space!
8th June 2007

Social networking

With sites like Facebook making it possible for the world to see who you associate with, and what they're saying to and about you, managing our online persona just got a whole lot harder!