5th January 2012

UBC Post 2: Breaking out of a Niche: Belgian Sake anyone?

That's the thing about brands: they're more often based on the associations and notions attached to a brand rather than on reality.
10th September 2008

Stories to build your career

Just how do you make the everyday minutiae of your job into a compelling tale that will keep the recruiter listening?
19th June 2008

How much am I worth?

Are you considering a job move? Negotiating a pay raise? Looking at a career change? Just plain curious how your pay compares to your peers? It can be difficult to get comparatives, particularly if you are moving between regions.
30th May 2008

3 tips for writing great blog posts

Shaun Boyd has some really good tips on blogging style that go beyond the usual 'check your spelling and make sure your grammar is correct'.
25th October 2007

Keep in touch: supporting your brand with touchpoints

A couple of years ago, Mercedes commissioned a market research firm to identify all the 'touchpoints' its customers had with the brand (in other words, all the different ways that customers interacted with the brand). How many do you think there were?