25th August 2008

Personal Branding and NLP

If you see NLP as a set of tools for developing greater understanding of yourself and of others, then it's application to Personal Branding becomes a lot more apparent.
26th November 2007

Personal Branding Magazine

While I was preparing for my recent trip to Toronto I completely missed the fact that the second edition of the new Personal Branding Magazine has gone live over at personalbrandingmag.com.
10th June 2007

It’s here!

I was really excited the other day when a package I'd been waiting for for quite some time finally arrived
30th April 2007

When strengths become weaknesses, and vice versa

...human nature being what it is, clients will often focus on the negative feedback and miss the positives
28th March 2007

New personal branding book store opens its virtual doors

I've decided to share the benefits of my expansive reading with my subscribers. One way I do that is through book reviews, and I will continue to put up reviews of new (and not so new) books that catch my eye. The other is by setting up an Amazon bookstore, which you can reach at www.robcuesta.com/books.