6th February 2011

#PRACEXPLOSION Quick Growth Tip #15: Make Yourself Stand Out With A Powerful USP

We live in a world where businesses in every sector are at risk of becoming increasingly commoditised. The internet has opened us up to competition from around the world, and sites like guru.com mean that even service professionals are now at risk unless we can give potential customers a real reason to work with us rather than just going with the cheapest option.
10th August 2010

#PRACEXPLOSION Quick Growth Tip #10: The Money Maker Equation

How much money can you make from your coaching business? It's an interesting question (for obvious reasons!) and one that you have to know the answer to. The problem is, most coaches have no idea where to even start in answering that question. Which is ironic, because it's actually quite an easy number to figure out. And once you know how to calculate it, you have pretty much total control over the final result. "So go on Rob, tell us this big secret..."
3rd August 2010

#PracExplosion New Dates Announced For Canada Practice Explosion Workshops

OK, after a certain Icelandic volcano put paid to my plans in April, I'm finally getting everything back in place to run Practice Explosion in October. The new dates are...