14th September 2010

#PRACEXPLOSION Quick Growth Tip #14: Get some accountability

It's time to stop making excuses, stop justifying why you're not making progress, stop rationalising why you're not where you wanted to be, and stop lying to yourself.
7th September 2010

#PRACEXPLOSION Quick Growth Tip #11: Just because you’ve sold to them once…

One of my first ever assignments when I set up in business as a growth strategist was to help a 12-man coaching and consulting firm get back on their feet. They'd gone from £1.5m turnover to £500k and it was painful. So I went in, asked a few questions, and asked why they weren't going back to any of their past clients. Their response flummoxed me: "if we've done our job right, then they shouldn't need us again."
1st April 2010

#PracExplosion Income Strategies For Coaches, Consultants and Professional Advisers – 1 of 7

OK, so you make your living by selling your thoughts: your opinion, your advice, your creative ideas, your experience, whatever it may be. The problem with that kind of industry is that it tends to be driven by trading money for hours, which means that most professional "thinkers" end up in a trap that says: "I have to work as many hours as possible, because when I'm not working I'm not earning". That's not a comfortable place to be. Trust me, I've been there! So how do we get out of that trap?
1st April 2010

Are you coming to Practice Explosion?

On 10th May I'll search Twitter and Google and decide who I think did the best job of portraying their excitement and anticipation about the event. The winner will get a free copy of the recording of the whole weekend, worth $297