6th August 2012

Do you see opportunities or blocks everywhere you go?

Two sales men were sent from head office to Kuala Lumpur to set up a new sales office for Gillette. Within hours of landing the first one was on the phone back home.
24th August 2011

Six-Figure Blueprint Brief 17: Strategy & Tactics

Strategy and Tactics. Do you know which is which in your business? Thinking and acting tactically may get you some short term wins, but it's a recipe for long term failure if you don't start thinking and acting strategically
22nd January 2010

The Three Questions you have to ask yourself every day

Think about why businesses exist, and especially yours. You probably have a lot of "higher" reasons for doing it, which are about helping people to solve a particular problem and avoid a particular "pain" in their life, providing a certain experience for your clients and customers, maybe changing the world in a particular way. However, no matter how much you try to hide from it (and some people hide more than others),there is no escaping that starting and running a business brings with it a lot of pain and sweat and heartache, and only one thing can make us accept all that happily:
18th July 2009

Do Your Targets Hear The Sizzle?

There's an old advertising adage that says "Sell the sizzle not the steak". In recent years, it's been distorted and misapplied by less scrupulous ad-men, to become "sell the sizzle, and forget the steak". marketers have taken products with little or no real value to the consumer and hyped them up just to increase the price. It's the basic premise behind the book "Never Mind the Sizzle...Where's the Sausage?" which I reviewed last year. Of course, one of the common misconceptions people have about personal branding - and branding in general - is that it's ALL about the sizzle, so I thought this afternoon I'd look at the world of sizzle and steaks.
21st October 2008

Star of the small screen!

In September 2008, Dexter Moscow of the Entrepreneurs' Forum interviewed me on why organizations need to develop and leverage the power of the individuals in the company to survive the economic downturn. We discuss the idea that HR has become as much the custodian of the corporate brand as the Marketing Department, and HR managers now need to see themselves as brand champions.