2nd January 2012

If you want to get more clients, join the Ultimate Blog Challenge – I have! (UBC post 1)

You've probably noticed that my blogging can sometimes get a little sparse--which is ironic, because I tell all my clients to blog regularly! I could make all sorts of excuses about hectic travel schedules (though now I think about it, a post from each city I visit would probably make for an interesting series!). But I'm not going to. Instead, I've got myself a little accountability...
31st October 2011

Competition is good for you

A lot of my mentoring clients come to me terrified of competition. It's easy to understand why - I was there myself at one point. We've all been hypnotised into thinking like consumer brands. For a consumer brand, competition *is* bad. Here's why. In a typical consumer Market there's limited demand and over supply: in other words too many vendors chasing not enough buyers. So the law of supply and demand pushes prices down. And many coaches put themselves into the same position by not specialising enough. But imagine you were the marketing director of Aston Martin, eager to sell more cars.