9th January 2012

UBC5: Use Social Media Strategically If You Want More Clients

Most coaches and consultants use social media very badly. In this 6-Figure Blueprint Brief, Rob Cuesta discusses how to use social media to help you market your coaching, consulting or advisory practice and get more clients, make more money and have more fun.
27th August 2011

So THAT’s why people hate being marketed to!

Do you remember when people used to LIKE advertising? Back when people got excited if a salesman came to the door? When we HOPED the phone would ring with someone trying to sell us double glazing? Believe it or not, that's how things used to be. Back when marketers could say what they did in public and not get a torrent of abuse :) So what changed?
16th September 2009

Before you get into social media, what does your audience look like?

I just found a new online tool that could just be ESSENTIAL for any business that is serious about using social media to reach its target audience. Forrester Research's Groundswell Consumer Profile Tool will give you a "technographic" profile (think demographic for the internet age) of your audience based on country, age and gender. There are 8 categories of user and a link to an explanation of each category. More detail and analysis can be found in Forrester's new book "Groundswell". Unmissable :)
4th May 2009

NLP, sales and the fine art of leveraging social media

One of the things I teach on my NLP courses is how to discover people’s strategies, that is, the little ‘programmes’ we run in our head to tell us how we feel. In terms of the selling cycle, we have strategies to tell us when it’s time to do some research (our “motivation” strategy), when it’s time to buy (our “buying” strategy) and – the important bit here – when we’ve made a good purchase (our “reassurance” strategy). That last one is the strategy we run to form an OPINION.
10th April 2009

6 Steps for Creating a Social Media Marketing Roadmap & Plan

Social media can be a bit of a maze. It's no longer just about telling your friends what you've been up to: alongside blogs we have mashups, file sharing (the legitimate, business-useful kind like Slideshare.com), wikis, video hosting, music sharing, bookmarking... How do you make sense of all of those and use them to support your marketing efforts - personal or corporate?