16th September 2009

Before you get into social media, what does your audience look like?

I just found a new online tool that could just be ESSENTIAL for any business that is serious about using social media to reach its target audience. Forrester Research's Groundswell Consumer Profile Tool will give you a "technographic" profile (think demographic for the internet age) of your audience based on country, age and gender. There are 8 categories of user and a link to an explanation of each category. More detail and analysis can be found in Forrester's new book "Groundswell". Unmissable :)
20th August 2009

Even the homeless are getting in on Personal Branding

I was fascinated by an almost throwaway comment on the Workshifting blog that describes how the homeless in Orlando are making the best of the resources and opportunities available to improve their lot. It's easy for all sorts of prejudices and preconceptions to cloud our ideas about the homeless, and lead us to make all sorts of generalisations, so I found this story truly heartwarming.
10th April 2009

6 Steps for Creating a Social Media Marketing Roadmap & Plan

Social media can be a bit of a maze. It's no longer just about telling your friends what you've been up to: alongside blogs we have mashups, file sharing (the legitimate, business-useful kind like Slideshare.com), wikis, video hosting, music sharing, bookmarking... How do you make sense of all of those and use them to support your marketing efforts - personal or corporate?
9th April 2009

Ever wondered how to use Twitter in marketing for real?

Here's how one company did it
5th November 2008

Managing your personal brand

Fellow brand strategist Hajj Flemings, author of "Brand Yu" has some great info on his blog, and the folks over at Jobmob have put a lot of time and effort into tracking down pretty much every tool you could want for managing your online reputation.