20th August 2009

Even the homeless are getting in on Personal Branding

I was fascinated by an almost throwaway comment on the Workshifting blog that describes how the homeless in Orlando are making the best of the resources and opportunities available to improve their lot. It's easy for all sorts of prejudices and preconceptions to cloud our ideas about the homeless, and lead us to make all sorts of generalisations, so I found this story truly heartwarming.
17th July 2008

Managing your Technorati authority

It encourages bloggers to regularly post fresh, interesting material that addresses the core themes that other people are discussing. Or, of course, if that's too much trouble, you can just post a gross-out video from YouTube and let viral interest do the rest. I know which path I'd rather follow!
12th July 2007

How powerful is your online identity?

Personal branding is going hi-tech. It's not just about what people say about you, it's also about managing what the web says about you: your online identity.
29th June 2007

Business social networks mature

Sites like LinkedIn provide two major tools for career development and business development.