6th December 2009

The passing of a legend – farewell Jim Rohn

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing a few days ago of one of the great figures of the Personal Development industry, Jim Rohn. I have been a subscriber to his newsletter for many years, and have learned much from his seminars and recordings. Indeed, it was one of his recordings that kick-started the recovery of my business back in 2005. He was also an inspiration to other "greats" in the industry such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Brian Tracy. His death leaves a gap that will be hard to fill, as befits one of the great personal brands in his field. A […]
31st August 2009

Motivation, success and wealth 2

Last week I posted a link to the firsty of success-guru Tony Robbins' videos on weath and success. Here is the second video, in which he interviews John reese, who managed to generate $1m on the internet in the midst of chaos and destruction in the wake of a tornado strike.
28th August 2009

Motivation, success and wealth 1

As anyone who has attended one of my courses or workshops knows, I'm a huge fan of personal development guru Tony Robbins. Lately, Tony has issued a couple of motivational web videos around the subject of wealth and success. the first of them is notable not only because its a deeply motivational story, but because it's one of the best web videos I've seen.
8th August 2008

NLP – blowing my own horn

OK, I finally got there. After almost 10 years of using NLP both professionally and personally I have been certified by the Tad James Company as a Trainer of NLP, so watch out here on the blog and on my website for announcements of upcoming training courses (or read the main post for a sneak preview of what's coming up).