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7th February 2008
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Taking a break

It’s been a while since my last post. Unfortunately, I’ve had a bit of an IT disaster. My trusty laptop – or rather the new one I got 6 months ago – has completely died. I can’t get any data off it – which is worrying as it’s been a while since I last backed up.

I’m also out of the country so I can’t get to my backups.

What have I learnt from this?

  1. always carry two laptops if you’re going to be away from home for a long time (I actually learnt that a while ago, and bought a backup PC for exactly that reason – I just wish I’d kept files synchronised across both machines)
  2. it’s time I invested in online backup. I would have been able to log on and restore my data even from abroad. I’ll be checking out the various options available. If anyone wants to know what conclusions I reached let me know

To quote the BBC when I was growing up: "Normal service will be resumed as quickly as possible"

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  1. Rob,
    Bummer! Let me highly recommend Carbonite. I used it starting Jan. 2007 and then had my entire system go down in August 2007. Within one day (and it only took that long because I had come from a Windows XP operating system to a Vista one), I had access to all my files on my new computer and if I had wanted could of accessed them on the web from another computer temporarily.
    They’re awesome and they’re only around $59 a year!
    Hope that helps!
    Maria Elena

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