“I Had 35% More Sales From My Current Business In The Last 6 Months”
20th July 2014
“In Just Under 6 Months The Results Have Been Phenomenal”
19th December 2014
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“I Unearthed $34,000 of Additional Revenue That I’d Previously Overlooked”

Suddenly I could see a way forward and the pieces of the jigsaw began to fall slowly into place; a clear step by step detailed action plan was shaped and formed, and I know I can realistically achieve the targets set. I also learned huge amounts about myself, but the icing on the cake was unearthing a potential £20,000 ($34,000) of additional revenue that I’d previously overlooked.

So what about you? Are you going to wait for the ‘business fairy’ to come along and wave a magic wand or are you going to take responsibility for yourself – TODAY?

Update from Allison: “Business is grand. I’m so glad you encouraged me to double my annual income target – I didn’t think I could do it, but just 3 months on and I’ve nearly hit the original goal for the WHOLE YEAR!”